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Fitness and Geek-ness; Not Mutually Exclusive

24 Apr

I’m a geek. I sometimes hate to admit it, but it is, unfortunately, the case. When I was younger, it was painfully obvious. I was tall and ridiculously skinny with a pimply face and bad hair. I played in the marching band and did math league. I mean, seriously, I don’t think it gets any more geek than that. Sports were not even a consideration. My mom will tell you I “played” soccer in like second grade and I wandered around the field staring at the sky. The only part of being fit that I worried about was being “fit into my own locker” by someone much larger than me. I finished high school in the top 10 percent of my class and went off to RIT on a partial academic scholarship, where I failed to apply myself and eventually left for a variety of reasons after a couple years. At some point between graduating from high school and leaving college, I filled out a bit. Meaning, I got bigger and broader shouldered but not really fatter. At 21 I started working at the ambulance and I had a partner who was a few years older and was getting chunkier by the day. I loved to bust Scott’s stones and remind him how fat he was. He told me to wait until I was 25 – everything changes when you hit 25. Now mind you, at this point in my life, I don’t exercise, I eat whatever I want and I never gain an ounce. Life was good. At 24 I got hired as a firefighter. I knew I would need to be fit in better shape for the academy, so I came as close as I have ever come to a fitness “routine” and by the time I finished the academy I was 6’2″, 216 pounds and probably as fit as I had ever been in terms of endurance and strength. Now mind you – this should not impress you – but it makes the point of where I was in life. 3 years later, I went for my physical for work and I was 27 years old and 246 pounds. 30 pounds in 3 years – so that’s what Scott was talking about. Everything waxed and waned from there. Up and down in weight, fitter, fatter, diets, eating binges, but one thing remained consistent – I was horribly inconsistent.

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