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The Cashout

30 Mar

Well folks, the big day is here. We won’t find out who won until Melissa tallies all the numbers, but our final measurements and the WOD were this morning. So, here it is:

The Before Measurements

Weight: 256 lbs
Body fat %: 30.2

The After Measurements

Weight: 237 lbs
Body fat %: 19.8

The Workout Results

Strength: Max effort pull-ups
Results Before: 8 kipping pull-ups, Rx
Results After 18 kipping pull-ups, Rx

MetCon: For time, 12-9-6 reps each of

  • 70# KB swings
  • 115# clusters
  • Burpee Box Jumps 24″

With a 12 minute time cap
Results Before: 11:01 Rx
Results After: 8:59 Rx

So, to recap my goals I set before:

Goals for the end: 12+ pull-ups, metcon time under 10 mins, weight under 240, body fat under 28% as a minimum, but hopefully at/under 25%.

To say the least, I’m pretty freakin’ happy overall. I exceeded every goal. I also lost 4 inches off my belly. All in 6 weeks.

Moving Forward:

This challenge has certainly delivered some amazing results. So the question becomes, where to go from here. There’s no question that there are certain parts that really sort of made me miserable, but overall I can’t argue with the outcome and I definitely don’t want to undo what I’ve accomplished. So, I think to start I’m going to add a few things back in to my diet and really make an effort to stay the course as much as possible. I’ll watch closely and see what happens, and maybe I will even keep posting here.

All that said, I’m totally crushing some buffalo chicken mac and cheese tomorrow.