Shout Outs

I’m going to add a few thank you’s to this page, because there are people in my life who have supported me this far and they deserve to be recognized, whether they took time from their lives to help me, gave some sound tips, or just encouraged me.

First and foremost, my wife, Jen. Scheduling CrossFit classes has been tough on our schedule and made it difficult at time with running the kids around, working, and getting things done at the house. Thanks for encouraging me and participating in the paleo challenge with me. I love you!

My children, Sydney and Austin, because its the desire to be an active participant in all aspects of your growing up that helped me to know it was time for a change. I love you both more than I could ever express.

My parents and my in-laws have watched our kids bunches of times so we can fit in a workout, or get a night away. They are covering child care for several paleo pot-luck events and challenge WODs over the next 6 weeks. We are truly blessed to have such supportive and helpful parents. I don’t know how we’d survive without you.

Ewa has encourage and supported me since we started CrossFit. I am fortunate to have her as a resource and sounding board. As a coach at the gym she keeps me motivated and pushes me to challenge myself. As a coworker she has taken time from her day to get me moving in the gym at the firehouse and she understands the challenges that firehose culture (and 24 hour shifts) add to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for your support.

Melissa, Chad, and the CrossFit BoomTown coaches are a great group of people who truly care about the success of their members. They have welcomed me, encouraged me, and never treated me like that pesky kid who won’t go away – even when I won’t. Thank you for doing what you do – it works and it has changed my life already.

All of the BoomTown members, but especially the 9:15 regulars (you know who you are) are truly a group of encouraging and inspiring people. It makes it so much easier to stay motivated when you feel like others are encouraging you and never feel like anyone is judging you.


One Response to “Shout Outs”

  1. Pull the pin, Drop the grenade February 23, 2013 at 19:38 #

    Interesting, thought there would be a Group 4 shout out. Guess not

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