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Oh Balls….

20 Feb

Posting this now is pretty much a dead giveaway that I’m losing my 8-hours of sleep point for today. I can’t remember the last time I got 8 hours of sleep in the firehouse.

Today was a good food day in the firehouse. Surprisingly no-one tried to jam shit I’m not supposed to eat down my throat, because in the past, this has been a HUGE problem. I mean, how many times to you have to say no to get them to stop holding you down and feeding you shitty food?

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I Miss Chocolate

18 Feb

That is all.

Yeah, right, like I could be that brief.

Day 2 is under the belt and it was a good day. Here’s a few things I learned… Continue reading

Day 1 Complete

18 Feb

I was going to post this last night, but i made the mistake of going to Wegman’s on a Sunday and it put me about 11 hours behind schedule. Anyways, after day one, the kitchen is stocked, food is prepped and I only shook for a few minutes from the lack of chocolate or ice cream.

I did, however, find time to make some killer seafood stuffed peppers for dinner last night, so I thought I’d share…

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Measurements and the Pre-WOD

17 Feb

Yesterday was the lead-up day to the the challenge, which starts today. We started at the pubic market where Melissa introduced us to some of the vendors she regularly visits and we got some great food to get us going. Then it was on to the gym for measurements and the baseline workout. We’ll do the same measurements and workout again at the end of the challenge to see how far we’ve come.
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A Little Background

17 Feb

How I got here…

Life is hectic. My wife and I have multiple jobs (each) and we have kids, and as anybody with kids knows, patience is not their strong suit. 6 months ago I was as overweight and out of shape as I have ever been in my life. My self image was horrible and I found myself actively avoiding things with my friends and family as a result. Continue reading