So here’s the deal, I am 35 years old, married with a beautiful wife and 2 awesome kids. I’m a career fire lieutenant with a passion for computers and technology. Despite my “geek” tendencies, this is my first blog, and it might be a train wreck.

If you’re interested, you can read about How I got here by reading my first post.

I should say that I have a tendency to talk to much. That carries over into my emails. There is a high likelihood that it will carry over into my blog posts as well. One of my regrets over the last six months is that I didn’t better document my “starting point” and it makes it harder to objectively assess what I’ve accomplished. Point being, that I’m writing this blog because I think it will help ME. I’m PUBLISHING this blog because, maybe, it will help someone else. Whether your looking for a reason to make a change in your life, a recipe to make some good paleo food, or just want to hear that someone else is struggling as much as you are, if this helps you – then great. If it doesn’t help you, then write your own blog. (Did I mention that there is likely to be healthy dose of sarcasm in this as well?)


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