Don’t you DARE put that bar down…

3 Mar

Wow!  This week has been crazy. I just realized I haven’t written anything here in a week. All my loyal readers are going to be disappointed. So, I appologize to both of them.

So, I started this blog as an outlet, expecting to need a place to vent about my struggles. The truth is (and I know those of you struggling to “stay on the wagon” don’t want to hear this) the first couple weeks haven’t been too bad. I ate pretty well before, and I think that helped. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate a fair amount of crap, but I tried to do so in moderation. Point being, the stuff I can eat that’s paleo was the core of many of my meals before. So, it’s just been a matter of cutting out the extra crappy food.

So, today I had to take a point off for the first time. I’m tired, and Sean was making Sunday sauce for dinner. I didn’t have the energy to fix something else. He uses a little sugar in the sauce, and he uses italian sausage that has sugar in it as well. So – I took the hit on the sugar point and had my sunday sauce (over spaghetti squash). I also had to forgo the meatballs – because that would have been 2 more points (grain for the breadcrumbs and dairy for the cheese he put in them). The upside would have been that I could have eaten a half a loaf of garlic bread like I wanted to. Oh, and I so wanted to today. But, I resisted. Here’s what I did instead. I found a lone chocolate candy floating around. Who knows where it has been. It was sitting on the file cabinets in my office at work. It’s gone now – if I’m gonna lose the point over sugar in the sauce, I might as well make it worth while. I do think its probably a good thing that there wasn’t a whole bag of those chocolates here.

I know, I just said it wasn’t that hard, and then talked about how hard it was today. Both are true. For some reason TODAY was tough. I’m hoping that it gets better tomorrow and it’s just becasue I’m a little over-tired and under-motivated today. Enought about today, let’s talk about yesterday…

SoupMexican Themed Paleo Potluck. So many delicious things and I ate them all. Jen and I both went, and so we made 2 things. Truth be told – I made 2 things, but she was working and such, so it was no biggie.

The first was Mexican Acorn Squash Soup with Smoky Chicken and Spicy Seeds. It came out really well, and it was VERY tasty. I used included recipe for the homemade salsa to mix into the soup. I also forgot to bring the avocado, so we had to do without. And my presentation was “a-la-crockpot”, not fancy like this cool picture, but it tasted great none the less. The salsa, by the way, was AWESOME all by itself. Seriously – if I ever next time I eat tortilla chips, I’m having them with this salsa. IMG_0607

The other thing was a concoction from a couple different recipes. Essentially, it was Carnitas atop a roasted portobella mushroom cap and topped with a salsa fresca. For credit where credit is due, I used the recipe for Carnitas with Warm Pineapple Salsa from to make the carnitas. Oh, so wonderful. Tender, juicy and delicious. I read the blog post there and it talked about tostadas – and I liked that idea, so I subbed them into the Paleo Tostadas recipe instead of using beef. I made that salsa fresca instead of the pineapple salsa as well, because I was not committed enough to cook another warm salsa and I was running out of room in my kitchen (it was destroyed). As both Jen and Ewa can tell you, I can trash a kitchen in like 2 seconds flat. In any event, I snapped a picture of how these looked before I left home. When I got to the potluck, I topped with the salsa, and they were gone too quickly to take another picture. So – I think they liked ’em.  More importantly than the food though – we had good company. My son Austin came with us and made a new friend, River. I haven’t seen Amanda to find out if there was any permanent damage to her house from those two.  Amanda was kind enough to host, and it was fun to just relax and chitchat with everyone.

This Week’s WODs

This was week two of taking it up a notch at the gym. I was a 3x per week person and somewhere along the line my sick mind decided “Hey, what else can I do to torture my body besides starve it of everything it has loved for 35 years? I know – let’s beat on it some more!”  I’m feeling it a little. (*Calm down Chad – I didn’t say I was going to stop) Ok, I’m kinda feeling it a lot. But, I’ve had a head cold most of the week, and my body is still adjusting to the paleo, so I’m attributing it to that stuff and discounting the idea that I am getting old and I can’t take it. After all – 6 months ago I wasn’t sure I could take 3 times per week.

So, let’s work backwords… The first challenge WOD was Saturday and it was a delightful little chipper. 50 up and over box jumps (24″/20″), 40 KBSDHP (70#/53#), 30 T2B, 20 Ring pushups, 10 wall walks. 10 wall walks doesn’t sound too bad, until… wait 10 wall walks sounds HORRIBLE. And it was. So, sometimes I wonder what goes through Chad’s head. Knowing that his gym would compete against another gym on Saturday in this chipper, what does he program for Friday?  You guessed it… KAREN. Are you f’in kidding me? Why? Because he’s a sick bastard, and that’s why we all like him so much. Because I know he cackled a little when he did the programming, and went “They’re gonna whine like little bitches”, but he did it anyways because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So, blah blah – Thursday’s WOD and blah blah, did my own thing on Wednesday at the firehouse, and rewind to Monday. “DT complex”. No time element – but must be unbroken 12 DL, 9 Hang Clean, 6 push press.  5 rounds. Work up to HP weight. Did I mention unbroken? So – I’m thinking about this on my way in. For some background – my cleans are anything but. They’re filthy, actually. Dirty, ugly, dreadful cleans. It was sure to be my limiting factor on this one. But, I’m trying to challenge myself – so I think, maybe I can work up to 135# and I’ll be pretty happy with that.  Then I walk in and see Chad finishing up his 4th round and he looks like he is in pain, and I look at some of the numbers on the board, and I figure there is no way I’m hitting 135#. So I start out small. Set 1: 65#. Way too easy. Set #2: 95# – harder but I can do better. Now it’s decision time – Am I going for it, or playing it safe, and I hear “It’s ok to fail today – In fact, if you don’t fail, you didn’t work hard enough”.  Set #3: 115# – Someone said I made it look easy. Set #4: 135# – the goal weight – and I made it through. So now Matt and Zach are cheering me on, and they’re like “you did that fast – you’ve got more in you”. So, what the hell – Let’s try 145#. Now, did I mention that my cleans are aweful?  My PR is like 165#. I struggle with this movement – a LOT – and I know it, and so I over think it, and it just makes it worse. Set #5 – 145# – Matt and Zach are cheering me on – 12 DL – piece of cake – 5 cleans, and it’s ugly, but I power through the next 4 and manage to finish them up. Push press – should be an easy finish, but my forearms are burning. I push out 3 and I think you could see the look on my face – I’ve lost my hook grip, I’m toast. Then, from across the gym I hear Chad (not quietly, not tactfully, but Marine drill sergeant style): “Jason Howard, don’t you dare put that fuckin’ bar down – GET IT DONE!” And I did. And it felt awesome. It didn’t matter that everyone of those guys cheering me on could out-lift me all day. What mattered is that I pushed myself to MY limit, and they encouraged me to exceed it and were GENUINELY excited for me when I did. And THAT is why I love CrossFit.


3 Responses to “Don’t you DARE put that bar down…”

  1. Ewa March 4, 2013 at 07:24 #

    You have another follower?

    Oh, and I’m expecting leftovers from your potluck meals in the fridge when we return home.

  2. PopularPaleo March 21, 2013 at 16:32 #

    Glad you liked the carnitas/tostadas! It’s one of my family’s favorite meals!

    • jmhoward29 March 26, 2013 at 13:58 #

      They are a huge hit here. I’ve made them twice now at home and shared with several people who absolutely loved them. Thanks for posting!

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