The Bacon

24 Feb

I really need to stop with the bacon. Seriously, I have had bacon every day this week in something. I’m not going to lose any weight eating bacon. Let me go weigh myself, hold on, I’ll be back…

I lost 5 pounds this week. Well folks, you just witnessed science. Clearly, eating bacon at least once per day results in losing 5 pounds. Next week’s goal: eat bacon at least twice per day and lose another 10 pounds. Bring on the bacon!!!

I made it through the first week. I actually feel pretty good. I haven’t had coffee in a week and I don’t really miss it. I miss ice cream. I am pretty exhausted, but i think that might be because I just worked 39 hours. And when I say worked, I mean worked. (Not just like usual) I had a project. I had a lot to get done, and I got it done. And I ate some good food too, thanks to Rob and Ewa. My group ate my paleo food again yesterday, although they added some stuffing to their turkey dinners. Mostly, my group has been very supportive, but then there is Sean. Sean’s basic function in the firehouse is to interject just the right amount of sarcasm, wisdom, or humor into a situation to make it violently explode. We refer to it as “throwing grenades”. Sean’s been on vacation, and apparently he has nothing better to do on his last night in Mexico than throw grenades at my blog posts. I’ll approve his comments, because I can take it. Besides, Sean is going on a diet when he gets home, so he will have to be more supportive or I’m gonna put bacon fat in his morning smoothies. Oh wait – based on the science above, that might help him.


One Response to “The Bacon”

  1. I made the blog February 25, 2013 at 11:36 #

    You knew you couldn’t do a blog without getting your balls busted. Good job on the first week, keep it up. i wish more people we work with would do what your doing.Got home at 11 last night and was up at 7 am to go to the gym and start my diet. You may be onto something with a bacon protein shake, although i don’t known if can get better than chocolate with chia seeds #sarcasm. I’m looking forward to a bacon wrapped smoked turkey next shift.

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