I Miss Chocolate

18 Feb

That is all.

Yeah, right, like I could be that brief.

Day 2 is under the belt and it was a good day. Here’s a few things I learned…

  1. If you need coconut oil, almond flour, dried fruit, most other nut oils or raw sunflower seeds, its def worth the trip to Trader Joes. Seriously, a pound of almond flour was $9.99 at Wegman’s and $3.99 at Trader Joes. The coconut oil is like half the price too. Crazy. There’s was a much larger selection of nuts too, an they are the same price or cheaper than Wegman’s.
  2. I liked butternut squash better with brown sugar, but I ate it none the less.
  3. I tried these apple onion cinnamon pork chops from Juli at paleomg.com tonight and they were pretty good. Had to do them without the honey because Melissa Curtis is just mean, and I think they’d definitely be better with the honey.
  4. I thought I drank a lot of water before. This half my body weight in water thing is making me realize that I either need to lose weight or find more places to pee.
  5. I actually like crunchy almond butter even better than I like natural peanut butter.

That’s enough rambling for tonight… Tomorrow brings the first 24 hours of the challenge spent in the firehouse, which will be the first true test of my willpower.


One Response to “I Miss Chocolate”

  1. Ally February 19, 2013 at 15:08 #

    I’m doing my first day back at the ambulance base. It’s tough to say the least. They have numerous yummy snacks. Hope you’re doing ok! Thanks for the tip on Trader Joe’s by the way! I’ll take the trip to Pittsford if it means not having to deal with Wegmans prices.

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